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    Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.0 + Crack

    Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 is the industry-leading web development tool, enabling users to efficiently design, develop and maintain standards -based websites and web applications. With Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, web developers go from start to finish, creating and maintaining basic websites to advanced applications that support best practices and the latest technologies. Dreamweaver supports and guides users as their skills grow and web technologies evolve, facilitating easy and quick adoption of new technologies and methodologies.
    With Dreamweaver 8, Macromedia continues to push the envelope of Web development. In addition to many subtle refinements and workflow improvements, the leading visual Web-page authoring program boasts redesigned CSS tools, snappier background FTP, and tools for converting XML files into beautifully designed, browser friendly documents.

    - Developers can use it with the server technology of their choice to build powerful Internet applications
    - Includes leading expanded CSS support for CSS-based design to hand-coding features (Create sophisticated, standards-based sites with Cascading Style Sheets)
    - Cross-Browser Validation: Automatically check tags and CSS rules for compatibility across leading browsers
    - Improved Workflow
    - The professional choice for building web sites and applications
    - A powerful combination of visual layout tools, application development features, and code editing support
    - Developers and designers can create appealing, standards-based sites and applications quickly
    - Secure FTP: Fully encrypt file transfers and prevent unauthorized access to data and files

    Macromedia Dreamweaver is an HTML editor developed by Macromedia. It was originally targeted at professional web designers and offers an editing system that combines both the productivity of WYSIWYG design with the control of HTML code editing mode. This combination was quite unique in late 1990s and helped Dreamweaver to a widespread adoption. It is currently available for Mac and Windows and holds about 80% of the professional HTML editor market. Dreamweaver is the editor of choice for creating and editing web templates. The latest version is Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004. In addition to native support for Mac OS x and Windows, Dreamweaver also can run on Unix-like platforms through the use of emulation software such as an incarnation of Wine.

    As a part WYSIWYG editor, Dreamweaver can hide the details of pages' HTML code from the user, making it possible for non-experts to easily create web pages and sites. Some web developers criticize this approach as producing HTML pages that are much larger than they should be, which can cause web browsers to perform poorly. This can be particularly true because the application makes it very easy to create table-based layouts. In addition, some web site developers have criticized Dreamweaver in the past for producing code that often does not comply with W3C standards.

    Dreamweaver allows you to pick most browsers installed on your computer to preview websites. It also has some nice site management tools for the novice, such as the ability to find and replace lines of text or code by whatever parameters you specify, up to the entire site. The behaviors panel also allows creation of basic JavaScript without any coding knowledge.

    Portable Dreamweaver 8.0.2 Pro

    Chỉnh sửa lần cuối bởi diff : 05/02/2009 lúc 01:35 PM

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  3. thuốc này có dùng đc ko vậy? thấy file nặng quá àhh

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  5. đang load về xem thế nào nếu được thì e xin tk a nhé :">

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  7. hay quá!!! cám ơn bạn nhiều nhiều nha!!!!

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