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Sản phẩmMicro Centrifuge

Micro Centrifuge

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Space- and energy-saving micro centrifuge with adequate power for routine centrifugations.


• speed 7000 /min, max RCF 2680 x g 
• lid must be closed for operation mode 
• safety: the lid can only be opened when the rotor is not rotating 
• rapid start and stop within seconds 
• power supply AC100-240V/50Hz/60Hz 
• diameter 150 mm, height 117 mm, weight 0.5 kg 
• supplied complete with two rotors: 
rotor 1 for: 8 microcentrifuge tubes 0.5 ml till 2.0ml 
rotor 2 for: 16 microcentrifuge tubes 0.2 ml or two pcr strips of 8 tubes 0.2 ml

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