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Pipetting reservoirs

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ratiolab® pipet reservoirs made of white polystyrene (PS) und polypropylene (PP) are ideal for the repetitive filling of single and multi-channel pipets. 
Compact in design, these disposable items are both space-saving and stackable. Their broad edges give them a firm and safe stand. They are thus an un complicated and clean alternative to reusable reservoirs. 

The ratiolab ® pipet reservoirs are produced in Germany and the material is recyclable.

PRODUCT FEATURES This new product line is available in four application-oriented versions: Version -Figure single reservoir with max. volume = 50 ml angled bottom for practically complete withdrawal of sample and hence economical in use groove graduations at 10, 15, 20 and 25 ml labeling area Version -Figure- 2 extra large single reservoir with max. volume 100 ml graduations at 50 and 100 ml conical bottom for economy due to minimum loss of medium Version -Figure- 3 specially designed for use with 8-channel pipets 8 separate channels of 6 ml volume (= 48 ml total) Version -Figure- 4 polypropylene (PP) max. volume = 50 m autoclavable Versions 1– 3 are available gamma-sterilized or non-sterile

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